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Zara Schofield

Zara is a fine artist predominately working in the fields of sculpture and art jewellery. She is interested in creating pieces which cross disciplines and merge boundaries between fine art, craft and design, and in 2014 began to make ‘wearable collages’. These pieces explore the combination of painting and sculptural materials and processes, with the use of traditional jewellery techniques.

Each piece is unique and highly crafted by hand. Zara’s aesthetics for form, colour, material texture and the perfection of craft can be seen in her precisely pierced metal shapes, carved wood reliefs and painted enamel forms.

Each piece is strongly personal, as it is the reaction to a memory or observation in a place where she has travelled. One might see echoes of a Corinthian column from the Pantheon in Paris, wet moss from a garden in Kyoto or colours of a doorway in Yangon. They hold memory but are also made to invoke new interpretations and emotions, whether this be to enjoy the formal qualities or the creation of a new story by the viewer. They are objects which can equally be displayed on a table, hung on a wall or worn on the body.


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