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Wallace Sewell

devotion to quality

A highly individual woven textile design studio established in 1990 by Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell, creating innovative woven fabrics exploiting industrial techniques. They work closely with the textile industry in Great Britain to produce pieces ranging from scarves to furnishing products, which sell worldwide.

Emma and Harriet have studios in London and Dorset where they design by hand, weaving samples on their looms. They source all of their yarns from UK companies, even dying some specific colours. Once they have their final designs they write up the specifications and instruct the mill. Wallace Sewell has a devotion to quality and they are very proud to be manufacturing their products exclusively in the UK. They have worked very closely with Mitchell Interflex (the mill) since the mid 2000s and W.T.Johnson and sSons (the finishers) on and off for well over 20 years. Both Mitchell Interflex and W.T.Johnson have a rich history passed down through generations.

Wallace Sewell are inspired by many sources including the Bauhaus and Colourist movements; they are masters of colour, combining this with a fascination for complex woven structures. Signature styles include vibrantly striped silks, sculpted wool crepes, supersoft cashmere and patchwork cotton chenille.

See their 2020 brand video here.


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