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The Pocket Pirate

I am a craftsperson, a hoarder, an observer, a beachcomber. This manifests in a desire to restore status to the neglected, rejected or overlooked. I use reclaimed fabric and predominantly reclaimed leather for my handmade bags, wallets and purses; pre-loved belts become bag straps, distinctive buttons are rescued from forgotten tins. This amalgamation of rediscovered elements offers an intriguing puzzle for myself as the maker and instils my work with an essence of revival. As each item is thoughtfully assembled and sewn together it becomes a joyful reincarnation of the disregarded or half-forgotten. The result is a finished piece that is completely unique, like you.

I have always been a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, and setting up the Pocket Pirate has heightened my appreciation and execution of a well-finished project. I am of the mind that whilst a good idea is integral, it goes hand in hand with manifesting that idea in a product of the highest possible quality. Similarly, whilst a functional item does not have to be beautiful, I believe it should be!

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