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Sue Pryke

Sue is a homeware design consultant and ceramicists with two decades of experience, delivering design in both consultancy and in-house roles, to international and High Street retailers, as well as manufacturers. She was awarded the Homes & Gardens Ceramic & Glass Designer Award for 2014 and in recent years has concentrated on studio production of her own ranges, selling these directly at trade and public specialist craft fairs. Sue Pryke is a Brand Ambassador for Design-Nation. She says “My work is concerned with functionality and the connections between craft and industry; I work across volume production and studio slipcasting, allowing the flexibility to design for mass or batch production whilst enjoying the making processes involved in small scale studio collections. “I’m inspired by the everyday and the ordinary; tactility & utility, material qualities and the interaction we have with objects. Small details and preferences which reflect the intuitive decision making we all make on a daily basis when choosing what cup to take from the cupboard for a cup of tea.” Sue Pryke is a brand ambassador for Design-Nation.

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