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Stuart Akroyd Contemporary Glass

Stuart Akroyd is an award-winning studio glass designer-maker based in the UK. He creates forms in vibrant colours and organic shapes. Instantly identifiable his work possesses a sense of movement and grace within the solid form.

Stuart’s designs begin with an idea inspired by forms and patterns that catch his eye, be it in nature or architecture. After sketching initial designs, he progresses through experimentation with the glass and making a 3D form. These prototypes are further refined to produce the final piece.

Stuart’s latest sculptural pieces, ‘Intention’, are a perfect example of this; a solid stretched form encasing vibrant colours and presented on a steel stand. Inspired by the 1951 Festival of Britain ‘Skylon’, the form is made using Venetian, Swedish and English techniques with his personal adaptations. The central jewel like core is cut open to expose this multitude of technical detail.

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