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Sarah-May Johnson

repetition, symmetry, colour

Sarah-May Johnson is a Leicestershire artist who carefully handcrafts woven artworks on various table looms in her home studio. She is passionate about experimenting with the limits of the loom to make new structures and create colourful, beautiful and intriguing art pieces that brighten areas from homes to public spaces.

Sarah-May is often inspired by the natural world, expressing this through the colours, patterns and textures in her abstract pieces.  She has become increasingly interested in repetition, symmetry and the Fibonacci sequence, and how people instinctively respond positively to such patterns.

Colour is also extremely important to Sarah-May as she develops her pieces,  especially the idea that the use of colour in a space or environment can greatly enhance people’s moods. Her goal is for her artwork to have a positive impact on people, even if it is on a subconscious level.

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