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Sarah Burton – Pottery

Sarah Burton produces contemporary decorative ceramic objects and vessels inspired by the sea, landscapes and organic forms.

After hand-throwing vases and bowls Sarah finishes each piece with a turned base. For larger pieces Sarah adopts hand building techniques of coiling and slab-building. Each piece is a one off and unique. Experimenting with different clays and glazes Sarah hand decorates each piece with vibrant colour and texture to provide new dynamic ranges of work, pushing the boundaries of both her skill and the clay.

Bringing her experience of training staff in her career as an office manager Sarah teaches pottery workshops to adults, along-side producing her ceramics which can be found in galleries and craft fairs around Britain and her online shop.

Sarah started studying pottery in the late 1970’s, subsequently set up her own studio where she continued experimenting and improving her pottery skills, becoming a full-time potter in 2011.

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