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Ruth Lyne Contemporary Glass

Ruth has always been intrigued by the natural colours and textures of the sea shore. Her platters, wall panels and coasters are created by fusing sheets of Bullseye glass with silver or copper leaf at a temperature of over 800 degrees. When the glass cools, the colours and textures created in the kiln are trapped and become permanent. The flat sheet can then be shaped in a second firing making a gentle curve that enhances the simple, abstract designs of the platters.

As a child Ruth loved beachcombing, spending many hours with her hoard of tiny treasures. Her new collection of glass and silver jewellery is inspired to evoke similar memories, the feeling of finding the perfect pebble glistening in the sunshine.

Although inspired by the coast, Ruth works in a studio in rural Northamptonshire, a very long way from the sea.


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