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Ruth Lyne – Seascape Jewellery

a sense of calm and balance

Ruth has always been intrigued by the colours and textures of the coast, by wide horizons, big skies and shingle beaches. She has been working with glass since 1998, fusing it with metals and oxides to create objects that she hopes will evoke long forgotten feelings of walking along the seashore with a pocketful of shells.

Ruth says, ‘I don’t try to replicate the natural world, but work with simple shapes and forms, using horizontal and vertical elements to instill a sense of calm and balance within each piece’.

Ruth has recently downsized her workshop after moving to Suffolk and now makes small artworks for the home. She has also returned to her first love with a collection of Seascape Jewellery in coastal colours, inspired by sea glass and pebbles.

Ruth Lyne is one of Design-Nation’s Fellows.

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