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Rebecca Proctor

beautiful, functional, for the everyday

Rebecca Proctor is a potter based in North Cornwall. She makes hand thrown tableware in clean, simple forms with natural character. The pots are strong and functional and designed for daily use.

Prior to making pottery, Rebecca was a design writer and consultant, and has written five books, published by Laurence King, on design and craft. However a lifelong fascination with materials and craftsmanship eventually led to making pots, rather than writing about them. Her home in Cornwall is in an area rich with pottery history and she has absorbed and learned from this.

Rebecca sources clay from a local quarry and mixes her own glazes using natural materials. She also wood fires many pieces, using a traditional Japanese technique that involves keeping the wood kiln firing for several days. The layers of ash, which accumulate in the kiln, contribute to the glaze finish.

Rebecca’s forms are modern, yet inspired by the traditions of country pottery as she aims to bring together the worlds of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. She says, “I strive to make beautiful, functional pottery for the everyday… bringing traditional craft practices into modern homes.”

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