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Pratima Kramer

highly decorative and delicate sculptures

Pratima Kramer’s sculptural artworks are informed by the rich cultural inspirations of her Indian heritage. She illustrates the intimate experiences of everyday life through the medium of clay and
glass. Her highly decorative and delicate sculptures, which include figurative forms, animals and pictorial scenes, showcase a sensitive appreciation and understanding of traditional Indian
crafts, infused with a Western art style influence.

The colours, patterns and textures in Pratima’s work tell the story of Gujarat, the place where she grew up. A love and admiration for elephants is a continuing theme within Pratima’s practice, both as recurring motifs and sources of inspiration. Elephants are also highly symbolic for Pratima, as they represent ‘Ganesh’, a much loved deity in Hinduism, but also as a form of tribute to this magnificent animal.

A recipient of the Craft Council’s prestigious a Hothouse programme, Pratima exhibits extensively in galleries throughout the UK and works from her studio based in Hertfordshire.

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