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Philip Koomen Furniture

surprise, sculpture, motion

Philip Koomen designs and makes furniture developed from forms that are revealed through playful curiosity. He looks for the unexpected; surprise being his guide. His inspiration is sculpture, particularly Brancusi, Hepworth and Paul Nash. His fascination is the body in motion; he loves to draw dancers performing. These two influences inform (somehow!) his creative process.

Philip loves the beauty, diversity and versatility of wood. He sources and dries unusual and distinctive hardwoods within a small radius of his Oxfordshire-based workshop and  uses these to make furniture which employs a range of techniques. These include jointing, carving, steam bending and laminating, all combining to create elegant, contemporary bespoke furniture.

Philip has completed over one thousand commissions for private, corporate and institutional clients in the UK and internationally. He is a Fellow of both the Chartered Society of Designers and the Royal Society of Arts and in 2006 completed a practice-based Ph.D in sustainable furniture design.

Read a 2020 interview with Philip on our blog.

Style: "Neutral"

Style: "Neutral"

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