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Paperwork by Hannah Lobley

In 2002, after accidentally leaving a book out in the rain, Hannah Lobley developed the award-winning Paperwork. She couldn’t bear to throw away her ruined book and decided to reuse it.

Hannah had previously specialised in wood working during her degree and followed the thought that paper originates from wood. She transferred those wood working techniques to the paper, when developing her new material – Paperwork. Recycling has always been important to Hannah, so to create a technique using the printed pages became a defining factor within her practise.

Hannah begins by making the material, each page is layered back into a solid wood like material. Traditional wood working methods are then used to cut objects from that material; the unique surface patternation of the paper when the objects are worked echoes wood grain. Wood becomes paper becomes wood again. Each item is hand-made by Hannah in her Derbyshire studio.

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