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Pamela Print Woven Textiles

Pamela Print is a woven textile designer and handweaver who creates luxury, sustainable textiles for the contemporary home. Her designs draw inspiration from the streets of Brussels, renowned for their beautiful Art
Deco architecture. Pamela started her practice whilst living here in 2017.

Pamela’s fabrics are handwoven on a traditional dobby loom in her studio, and throws mill woven locally in small
batches. She uses techniques such as extra weft structures and light hand felting to create tactile fabrics that have
depth and a luxurious soft handle.

Having previously worked in the textile industry for 14 years, she has become increasingly aware of the
impact that industrial production is having on the environment. Sustainability is now central to her practice
and she strives to foster a zero waste brand. She uses highly sustainable and biodegradable pure merino wool and
materials and trims are all sourced locally.

Pamela’s interiors collection of cushions and throws are made to order. She also works on commissions for one
off pieces for private clients and interior designers.

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