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Nigel Cheney

As a textile artist and designer/maker Nigel produces unique stitched and printed pieces for the body and for interiors. Products such as cushions, throws and scarves are always labour intensive and reflect many, many hours of work and are lovingly created for those with vintage tastes who are interested in investing in future heirlooms. Beautifully observed animals and birds collide with
dramatic graphic patterns and images for contemporary artworks. It is a fantastic world, tinged with a blossom of dark humour and subversion. Signature qualities that are evident in all his works are
a full palette of processes that embrace the hand drawn, hand manipulated surfaces, hand embellished textures and digitally printed textiles. Subject matter ranges from the beauty of the
natural world, contemplations on memory and identity and the symbolism that permeates our lives. Fabrics are always digitally printed by reputable printers in the UK with environmentally sound
processes and the vintage fabrics have been sourced with meticulous care to ensure that although they have been preloved their repurposing means they will escape becoming landfill. He has
exhibited his textile artworks widely throughout Ireland and the UK and frequently works to commission.


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