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Myra Hutton Textiles / Barley Bay

My roots in textiles go way back, my interest was captured when I was still at primary school and since my training in Textile Art and Dress & Textile Design I have spent many years both teaching and developing my own textile practice.

Inspired by my natural surroundings and experiences I have developed a unique way through a mixture of blending and shading wool fibres as a felt painting and shaping this canvas with stitch to capture the essence of the countryside creating richly embellished landscapes, sunsets or seascapes. I like to think of my felted landscapes as a traditional craft with a contemporary twist. These pieces are presented as works of textile art.

I have also developed my dye and stitch work in an illustrative way, exploring the linear qualities of architecture and objects, producing contemporary scenes and images which are now published as contemporary art led greetings cards.

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