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Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles

Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles is an award-winning London based textile brand specialising in natural yarns and an ethical  ‘zero waste’ apporach to making hand-woven textiles.

Maria’s approach is based on the idea of creating beautiful natural textiles through ‘zero waste’ design and craftsmanship, by re-interpreting traditional craft techniques in a contemporary way. High-quality and sustainable natural fibres are key to herp hilosophy, in which the aspiration for textile longevity through simplicity and sensibility is essential.

Maria exclusively uses natural undyed materials and she considers the environmental impact at every stage of the design and making process. She strives to decrease to the minimum yarn waste and unnecessary cuts, the use of machinery, water and electricity. By adhering to this  zero waste philosophy, Maria aspirse to make hand-weaving an even more sustainable craft.

Inspired by her Greek heritage and the colour palette of the British landscape, in combination with love for maths and craftsmanship , Maria makes vibrant, but minimal, contemporary textiles. By emphasising the raw quality of the materials and removing any superfluous elements, she aims to produce honest textiles designed to become timeless heirlooms.

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