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Lynne Speake

the things unnoticed

Dictated to by her materials, and directly influenced by her environment, maker Lynne Speake is inspired and excited on a daily basis by the things unnoticed… erosion, peeling paint, rusting metal, colour, texture and pattern.

Creating sculptural pieces from found materials and porcelain paperclay, Lynne’s work is often large in scale and can be worn or displayed, sometimes both. She loves the challenge of combining industrial discarded objects with organic finds or clay elements that she hand builds. These materials always guide her to her final form through a very organic making process. It is always an emotional journey and one that she gets lost in.

In making Lynne is enveloped by a subconscious act of mark making, form, shape and texture: the fragility of her porcelain fights against large strong forms. Accidents are both embraced and welcomed, especially during the alchemy of firing. To Lynne it is the emotional journey of making that is the most important part of her practice, everything else is secondary.

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