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Lucy Grainge

Lucy Grainge is an illustrator / designer based in Glasgow. She is interested in research ledmprojects and exploring the different contexts and surfaces illustration can sit within. She enjoys collaborative projects and works within community arts.

Lucy’s work has recently focused on Dyslexia and the view that it should not be seen as a disability but a different way of brain processing with a plethora of both challenges and strengths. Lucy has carried out workshops informing participants about Dyslexia alongside creative tasks, which is something she plans to develop. She recently completed a residency at Out of the Blueprint in Edinburgh where she continued this research and developed a series of riso-graph prints.

Lucy is also the co-founder of Psyche publication, a riso-graph publication focusing on mental health and socio-politics issues.

She is open to collaborations and commissions, both large and small scale.

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