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Linda Southwell Ceramics

I ‘invent’ my sculptural, floral ceramics from memories of real plants. In developing my own
gardens over the years I have a good understanding of plants and their forms.
In my studio there is very little ‘equipment’ and every element of my work is made by hand,
including the application of each individual petal, which all bear my fingerprint. My hands are my
most important tool and I am in constant contact with the clay. There is a rawness to theunglazed surface that I’ve really responded to.
My current work focuses on making larger scale pieces, in porcelain, that are complicated and
risky to create but when successful create a huge statement in the room. I love my garden and
through the dark winter months yearn to be outside, these sculptures are a way of bringing the
outside in and giving a permanence to otherwise ephemeral natural forms.

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