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Emma Fallon of KULU is a weaver who aims to create exquisite textiles. Her signature technique explores a historical technique called ‘shadow tissues’, which is the process of screen printing warp threads before weaving the cloth, resulting in a soft-edged print similar to ikat.

Emma’s practice is inspired by landscape and the human relationship with the land. A seven hundred mile solo bike ride across the British Isles was the inspiration for her most recent body of work. She uses photography, drawing and painting in her primary research and then develops ideas into textiles from her sketchbook. Emma’s work is concerned with our connection to landscape and a desire to reconnect with nature through journeys to remote places.

Emma is interested in combining craft and digital processes to create unique and contemporary textiles. Her work merges hand weaving with screen-printing, jacquard and digital print. She weave samples on a handloom and then use screen-printing to embellish the hand woven cloth with layers of print. Her aim is to make her practice sustainable and only use natural fibres, sourcing surplus yarns from the fashion industry and natural dyed silk and wool from a weavers’ cooperative in India.

Alongside her hand-crafted textiles Emma has developed a collection of luxury jacquard woven fabrics using silk, cashmere and linen, to create a selection of deluxe fabrics for the interior design market.


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