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Kathleen Smith

a repository for knowledge

Designer-maker Kathleen Smith’s work is focused on creating public art and craft objects that inform, entertain or educate. This is through narrative, usually focusing on stories with a strong sense of location.

Kathleen, whose prefered medium is metal, says “My work focuses on Places. The history, memories and stories that happened there or a narrative of what is happening there now. I search for little known stories and create a permanent record of them, through stand alone or wearable objects.” Kathleen sees the objects she creates as creates as a repository for knowledge, before the stories behind them become lost forever. She meticulously researches these found naratives through reviewing books, newspaper articles, photographs, conversations, and museums, and by visiting the places where the narrative happened.

Unsurprisingly Kathleen’s practice often intersects with community based projects, including her Making Up Your Street partnership with fellow maker Laura Mabbutt, which is profiled here.


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