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KathKath Studio

KathKath Studio is a textile collaboration between textile designer Kathy Schicker and graphic designer Kathryn Pledger. They create bold, artistic, uncommonly beautiful silk scarves and accessories for contemporary women.

The award-winning design duo enhances and enlivens the wardrobes of stylish women with their colourful and imaginative accessories and scarves. The contemporary creations are bold – marked by extravagant imagery of flora, geometric patterns and abstract visions from digital realms. Celebrated for their use of oversized digital floral designs and bold use of layered colours – each design is created in an exclusive run of limited pieces, made for enduring quality and style. And when they’re not layering motifs for luxurious scarves, the busy entrepreneurial women teach textile design workshops in London and develop bespoke projects for clients in fashion, homeware and interiors.

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