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Judit Esztergomi Ceramics

I make wheel-thrown and press-moulded tableware from stoneware clays. These are functional and simple pots, which are meant to be used every day: eating, drinking and sharing are those moments which create an intimacy between the pot and its holder, and change the average into special. I consider myself an honest craftswoman: my pots lack deep philosophical thoughts, but they offer the joy and love with which I made them. It is very important how the pot fits into and sits in the palm of the hands, and how it relates to and connects with the food served in it. Their uncomplicated, curved forms sit comfortably in one’s hand and provide a blank canvas for the patterns. My decoration techniques all involve carving through or scraping back, sgraffitto and inlay being my favourites. Inspiration comes from various sources: the heritage of my motherland, Hungary and its traditional folk pottery; the country’s hilly landscapes with their softly waving silhouettes, the wind as it blows meadow grasses and flowers. My landscape architect background adds the love for regularity, order and intricate details.

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