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Josie Walter

I make once fired slip decorated earthenware for cooking and serving. Most of the ware is thrown on a momentum wheel but I also slab build dishes, spoon rests and other functional items My practice focuses on everyday use of studio pottery. Pots are decorated with a variety of fruit and vegetables such as peas, beetroot, and leeks as well as fruits such as pears lemons fish and birds. In 2002 Crowood Press published ‘Pots in the Kitchen’, the result of an MA in History of Ceramics at Staffordshire University and teaching at the University of Derby.

In 1980 I spent six months in the Auvergne working at the Poterie du Don, Auvergne in France as a production thrower. For the last twenty years I have worked in a purpose built workshop next to my house that overlooks the vegetable garden and the wonderful view of the valley beyond.


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