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Janine Partington

My recent work in leather explores mark making through the carving and painting of leathers to create distinctive and appealing surfaces. I am helping to close the gap between contemporary design and craft and contemporary art by showing a new way of exploring a very old material – leather.

The simplicity of the process is important to me and I am working in as handmade a way as possible – “just me, a piece of leather, some lino tools and acrylic paint”.

I have spent the past two years creating a distinctive visual language in my new chosen medium – experimenting with marks, composition and colour, playing with form and layering.

I love the freedom of working instinctively, each mark responding to the presence of what has come before.
The majority of my work is wall-based art works, but I have also created furniture, vessels and jewellery showing the versatility of my technique.


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