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Jan Bowman Designs

Jan’s woven artworks take the form of spatial divides, panels and sculptural pieces made on a dobby loom. The work interprets colour, form and texture inherent in the landscape, alongside exploring rhythms in nature; the play of light and shadow, sequences of growth, tides, currents, seasonal change. Using a combination of natural and man-made materials in her work, Jan enjoys pushing the technical boundaries in hand loom weaving.

Jan is strongly influenced by aspects of traditional Japanese aesthetic, particularly the Japanese appreciation and interpretation of nature, their use of materials, textual sensitivity and the amazing standard of artistry and master craftsmanship evident in so much of their making.

Further research explores the possibilities of heightening people’s sense of ‘well-being’ through the integration of textile artwork within healthcare spaces. A major consideration is how textiles respond to and meet the physical and emotional needs of people within a space.


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