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Jacky Oliver

Working mainly in metal, I utilize a range of techniques and processes including blacksmithing, silversmithing skills to create small hand held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces, creating work for commissions, residencies and contemporary exhibitions.

I enjoy the qualities that can be achieved with different processes. With etching, and enamelling layering surfaces, mark making and experimentation. Often details from archive material are added to give another dimension to the work. Forging linear elements, working three dimensionally in a range of scales, sometimes as the main process in a piece, or supporting elements, or with blown glass, with the collaboration ‘Oliver and Hawes’.

Teaching in a number of institutions around the country, I am keen to ensure that others appreciate potential of working creatively. This has included teaching and running of workshops in schools, colleges and universities for a wide range of audiences – all ages, skill levels and backgrounds.

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