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Helen Slater Stokes Glass

Since setting up her business in 1999 glassmaker Helen Skater Stokes has produced work for gallery exhibition both nationally and internationally. Her work has developed greatly over the years and in addition to gallery pieces, she has worked on private and public art commissions; ranging in scale and context from life-size outdoor figurative works, public hospital commissions, glass staircases and smaller bespoke works for private clients.

Helen’s artwork draws inspiration from notions of ‘place’ and ‘space’, within the context of landscape, and how these are perceiced within changing environments. The work explores the creation of 3D or spatial images, within glass, and the notion of glass as a facilitator, in working with and challenging our perception of space. Helen’s glass works address traditional artistic spatial illusionary methods, via drawing, such as perspective and tonality, in order to create virtual landscapes or spaces. These unique glass pieces vary in scale from dramatic life size figures, to be displayed outdoors, to delicate table top casts for interiors.

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