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Gail produces high quality silk scarves which have hand painted animals and birds with a sense of movement and character in them. Starting with a wide variety of mixed media in bright colours and using high quality water colour paper to produce the initial images .The different coloured backgrounds for the silk are later photo shopped into the painting. Beautiful silks, together with the unique designs create scarves that are beautiful to the eye and to the touch. Born into an artistic family, Gail achieved a B.A. in Animation and discovered her passion for drawing animals and creating new illustrative creatures.

Gail is passionate about producing high quality scarves with beautiful,unique designs and the best silk produced in the UK and made with 100% silk, creating a beautiful work of art in silk . She is a prolific artist and has a wide library of unique and detailed animal and bird designs for printing in a rainbow of eye catching colours. Her inspiration is the natural world around her , using vibrant colours found in exotic birds and animals and their environments. She seeks to depict movement in many images, flights of fancy in birds and inspiring ,galloping horses , or catching movement in the rest of a quick pose. Entering their world in that moment, a moment of dreaming and brightness.

Since qualifying she has been a finalist for: The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year The BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Nicktoons Film and Character Design Competition More recently Gail has been nominated for the Arts and Crafts Design Award 2016

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