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Gaby Guz Art

the alchemy of raku

Ceramicist Gaby Guz has always been aware that in the event of a fire of a flood in her home, one of the few things likely to survive are her ceramics. She feels a responsibility to make beautiful and meaningful pieces worthy of survival.

Gaby’s naked raku pieces are themselves created from earth, fire and water, and involve the almost magical and somewhat random ‘appearance’ of smoke markings onto her carefully made pots. Handing over her painstakingly created vessels – where great attention is paid to aesthetic values such as proportion volume, form, weight and surface finish – to the alchemy of the raku kiln is both exciting and stressful.

When a pot emerges from the fire, the outer shell of glaze cracks and peels away leaving a piece with a silky-smooth surface painted by smoke. Each piece is a surprise and entirely unique.

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