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Faye Hall

investigating material contrasts

The work of jeweller Faye Hall explores colour interaction through materials that are selected with a mindful approach. Within her practice she has developed a process of connecting and embroidering a mixture of contrasting, sustainable and under-celebrated materials, as a fascinating exploration of how different plains of colour and surface affect another.

Faye’s work is heavily anchored by pattern and the investigation of material contrasts. The culture of throwaway, fast fashion pieces is something which she aims to be the opposite of, by making wearable art pieces that use recycled/recyclable materials, and also materials that will last a lifetime. Faye says, “I am very interested in using materials that are found/donated or under-celebrated. I am very aware of the issues of sustainability within both my practice and the wider context of design, and I aim to use these non-precious materials in innovative ways.”

Find out more here on Faye’s website.

You can also visit her on social media: Instagram and Twitter


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