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Farah Qureshi

inspired by the five senses

Farah Qureshi is a designer-maker specialising in creating ethical and sustainable collections of jewellery and conceptual cutlery.

Farah creates new collections on an annual basis exploring a variety of diverse themes, including botanical imagery, found objects in the home, and her travels. Her conceptual cutlery is inspired by the five senses, exploring touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. Some of these pieces are hybrids, bridging the gap between jewellery and cutlery. For example, bangles can be used as spoons or knives, referencing the senses of both taste and sight.

Her award-winning jewellery has been showcased at national and international trade and retail eventsĀ  in the United Kingdom and Europe. Currently Farah primarily sells her work on-line and at retail events around London, including pop-ups and exhibitions.

All work is made in in Farah’s London studio/showroom. She has a Fairtrade gold licence which enables her to hallmark items made in Fairtrade material with a special mark.

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