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ERADU Ceramics

Eva Radulova is a London ceramic designer-maker. Eva has been exploring and creating since she was very young. Eva enjoys working with both porcelain and bone china, appreciating the pure white colour of bone china and the possibilities of creating elegant colour variations with porcelain. ERADU Ceramics appears as soon as Eva finished her MA in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the UK Ceramic industry.

Eva founds inspiration in Japanese prints. Kanagawa wave is the main incentive. Developing new shapes is what fascinates the designer the most as part of creating and designing. She is always looking for a new approach when designing a form.

In Eva’s work, clear lines fuse tradition and trends in a stylish silhouette. The designer uses slipcasting to create elegant shapes. It is a ceramic forming technique that gives the feasibility of replicating a form at its best quality. Besides, adding vivid pigments to the casting slip allows her to play with colours to enrich the shapes she designs. A clear glaze adds a final spark.

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