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Ella Fearon-Low

layered influences

Artist jeweller Ella Fearon-Low plunders the visual larder of the past to create delicious contemporary treasures. Influenced by decorative and domestic objects, her original shapes are created from layered influences as varied as 17th Century glassware and post-modern architecture. Working in a rarely occupied space between fine art, fashion and art jewellery, Ella creates jewellery in a playful and non-prescriptive way. Her designs won Goldsmiths’ Company Awards in 2018 & 2020.

Working from her London studio Ella produces small collections and one-off pieces of jewellery. Creating her individual pieces entirely by hand with mixed materials, it is important to her that there is a conversation between her hands and materials which is evident in the finished work.

Ella is itching to push the boundaries of her practice into larger scale works and installation. An active member of the jewellery, craft and art sectors, she seeks to participate and collaborate in new ways.

See more of Ella’s work on her website.

She is also active on Instagram.



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