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Elin Isaksson Glass

Scottish and Swedish inspiration

Elin Isaksson is originally from Sweden where she initially was taught her craft at the Orrefors glass school. After graduating from her MA in Applied Arts at Edinburgh College of Art, she set up her own glass blowing business in 2010. In 2019 she was able to secure funding to finally set up a permanent studio in Dunblane where she now lives and works.

Elin creates functional items like candle holders and oil lamps which can be found in galleries around the UK, although her passion lies in creating sculptural items and bespoke lighting for home and business interiors. She enjoys the challenges of creating site specific and very organic sculptures. These can be one-off interior pieces and also multiples which create a greater effect of movement. Simple glass forms installed together as multiples can create stunning sculptures for gardens, a path Elin is keen to explore more.

Elin takes inspiration from her Scottish and Swedish surroundings and her forms are often simple, drawing from her Scandinavian influence. They are also very tactile and she wants to evoke touch in her work. Her designs shows a sense of movement and tries to capture the intense energy required when working with molten glass.

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