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Diane Griffin

I create poetic ceramic sculptures composed of contrasting abstract forms. My work is inspired by visceral experiences of sites which form the outward expression of emotion, places where people congregate to leave offerings or messages. Intrigued by this human tendency to connect outwards in times of need, I investigate the otherness of emotions through the making.

I work in porcelain and stoneware clays with a variety of processes – hand building, throwing, carving, slab building— each with it’s own rhythm and nuance which I unite into one piece. Contrasts in texture and form are key. Matte, ruffled sheets of porcelain paper clay are rolled and cut, built up gradually and encouraged to ripple in the firing. Small movements becoming exaggerated, amplified. Once captured, they nestle next to or are softly placed onto the stone- like forms, plinths reminiscent of rock, anchoring the piece in space. The combination of these earthly elements is punctuated by a lustrous tear drop or a glossy amorphous form, something comforting or perhaps unsettling, drawing attention.

I hope that my sculptures offer a focal point for connecting with memories, personal stories and emotions, establishing private moments of contemplation

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