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Caroline Egleston

Caroline Egleston at Piccolpasso Tiles creates distinctive handmade tiles for contemporary interior spaces. The component shapes, each individually made, fit together to create movement on the wall surface. Colour, texture and pattern play together.

Caroline’s brushwork tiles are painterly and spontaneous; they reflect not only the influence of maiolica decoration from her training at Faenza in Italy but also her enjoyment of watercolour and delicate layering effects. Caroline explores textured repeat patterns to anchor the brushwork tiles and makes her glazes from natural oxides. These glazes bring surface interest and subtlety.

The final arranging process takes time. Caroline says, “I look for balance and I look again. Because tiles are fixed on the wall and should be enjoyed for many years, they cannot be dominated by fashion. However, colour and pattern are strong at the moment and I’m certainly enjoying that trend.”

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