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Caroline Draper Jewellery

Caroline draws on her extensive travel and life experiences in India to explore a fascination with geometry, symmetry and repetition.
Fifteen years ago Caroline left a full time career as a nursing sister to relocate to New Delhi with her family. Bombarded on a daily basis, the rich colours, exotic scents, eclectic tastes, cacophony of never ending noise, diverse cultures, fabulous jewels and the vibrancy of ‘Incredible India’ have left an indelible mark on her designs today.
The intricacy of design in the architecture and ornaments of everyday life captivated her as did the traditions of the mastercraftman and artisan jewellery makers where skills and secrets are passed on from one generation to the next. A heritage preserved by word of mouth and by apprenticeship.
Returning to the UK, Caroline undertook a degree course in Jewellery and Object Design at the University of Lincoln where she achieved a first class BA (Hons). She returned to the University as Artist in Residence – a two year tenure which she has just completed.
The influences of ‘Jali’ in the architecture of Rajasthan have resulted in her collection of unique designs with pearls and gemstones being encapsulated within precision cut silver. Paying homage to the Royal ladies of Rajasthan – in purdah – all seeing but unseen – moving freely but trapped behind ornate screens.
The Lotus flower symbolising peace, purity and eternity, and the tumbling flower garlands worn both for celebration and devotion form the basis of Caroline’s latest collection of hand forged chain.
From her studio in Lincolnshire, Caroline continues to explore the influences from India that have now become integral to her designs. Sensitive use of colour and traditional materials wedded to modern technology and techniques enable her to create individual designs and tactile pieces of jewellery that are both evocative and sensory.

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