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Shetland’s famous textile heritage is worth preserving. During her research to record and catalogue Fair Isle patterns logically, Mary Macgregor realised that the oldest traditional patterns and colours are no longer being extensively knitted. The patterns are too large to fit easily into garments in Shetland wool. The way forward was to find a fine gauge yarn which would render the patterns smaller and more readily usable, thus preserving them for future generations.

Macgregor’s range of contemporary heritage Fair Isle knitwear uses a luxury modern 100% superfine merino yarn to knit these oldest traditional patterns and colours. The result is an innovative range of tactile, silky-soft, warm and comfortable products which are distinguished and unique amongst other Fair Isle producers. Macgregor has created a new niche market.

To date, there are only wearable textiles.

Macgregor produces under the name BAKKA.


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