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Ash & Plumb

honouring natural materials

Ash & Plumb was created in 2019 by design duo Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb, born out of a desire to honour naturally sustainable materials. They craft unique and functional works that breathe life into the living spaces they inhabit. Ash & Plumb focus on woodworking, specialising in turning locally reclaimed, sustainably sourced British woods on the lathe, and hand shaping each piece until there is nothing left but the finished form.

This work is inspired by the materials they choose, opting for designs that bring attention to the natural features of the wood, aspiring to craft clean visually weightless forms avoiding any unnecessary fuss or decoration. Barnaby and Dru are self-taught, with a background in fashion design. They explore the function of wood as a living medium; a material that moves, changes and evolves according to its context. Ash & Plumb say, “We work with the tree right from the freshly felled log working the wood from start to finish, often playing with the drying process, letting pieces twist and warp as they release moisture, allowing for the tree to define the final form.”


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