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Anna Thomson

sharp geometries and soft curves

Ceramic lighting, vessels and installations are imbued with a sense of discovery. Balancing design and craft ceramicist Anna Thomson explores the intrinsic qualities of vitreous clay bodies and the potential role of new technologies and industrial processes within a craft context.

Inspired by architecture, memory and the passing of time Anna’s pieces explore themes of repetition, variation, duality and erosion with sharp geometries and soft curves in a muted monochrome palette. Her work captures a beauty in the new and the worn down, the exposure of hidden layers and the reveal of complexity.

From her quiet Sussex studio new explorations with a modular mould developed using 3D printing is enabling Anna to produce a series of experimental pieces with multiple profiles; in harmony, in discord or vying for attention whilst a new soft erosion technique which produces an intriguing felt-like quality is set to be the focus for a new series of vessels.

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