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Andy Elton Studio

a diverse career

For over 50 years Andy Elton has developed his own work, first alongside his foundry A&A Sculpture Casting, and currently with Capisco Ltd – Andy’s architectural company. He has always helped younger artists move towards their independence and during the 17 years of the foundry Andy’s employees went on to create their own individual talents.

Andy’s career has been diverse: from sculptor to blacksmith – from wax worker to head of applied design – from bronze founder to cast iron expert – from metal chaser to pony breeder – from metal chaser to architectural metal worker. As well as a degree in sculpture, Andy also studied bronze casting and carving in Italy; the latter at Carrara, the source of the famous marble. At Capisco, Andy employs a budding ceramist, an enthusiastic etching and life drawing, a surface designer and himself as sculptor and maker.

Andy says, “I have served the art world and the architectural world during the last 50 years. My 2019 retrospective show reminded me of who I am. It is time that all of these years of experience and skill are put to good use.”

The carved sculptures shown are recent works in marble by Andy which were on display until September 202o at Cotswold Sculpture Park.

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