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Alys Power Design

My work begins on paper. I draw to discover and learn, inspired by the natural and man-made world around me. Recording my observations, experiences and responses creating a bank of visual inspiration . These studies are continued in a 3D form in my jewellery, a continuation of the same visual language. Each piece of jewellery is a sculptural exploration of colour, texture, line, form, and pattern. I aim to embody an aesthetic of imperfect simplicity. To reduce each design element to its simplest and most refined form whilst maintaining the spontaneity and energy of the work. I work in a range of materials – metal, wood, stone, acrylic – exploiting materials qualities to create a visual narrative. The elemental character and inherent variations in the natural materials create a tension and contrast against the cold perfection of the man made. I hand build pieces through layering and assemblage of individual components. Contemporary manufacturing methods such as digital print and laser cutting are used alongside traditional jewellery making techniques. An integration of modern technology and the makers hand to create jewellery which is simple, wearable and meaningful.

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