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Alison Brown Ceramics

Alison Brown is a maker of craft-based objects “to adorn and ornament someone or some place”. Sculptural vessels have a space in her ceramic output, however what really excites Alison is sculpture which is wearable: tactile things which can be touched, worn and stroked. She sees these as personal portable works of applied art, hand crafted using high and low quality materials. Alison’s unique and delicate porcelain pieces incorporate mixed media and found objects, to create colour and texture amidst imperfection and the discarded.

For Alison, clay is something to be poked, prodded and torn; it is subdued only when absolutely necessary. Her philosophy is “Allow what is to be”. Risks are taken with materials and glazing but this enables magic to happen. In testing the boundaries of these materials Alison is encouraging the unforeseen; creating discrete objects that question the role of wearable art – work that comfortably inhabits the “betwixt and between”. She says, “I play with objects which are undecidable.”

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