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Alan Oliver

Alan Oliver is an established handweaver and dyer based in London who specialises in making rugs and wallhangings. His work explores ideas of identity and place through the use of traditional craft practices and the use of natural dyes made from foraged materials.

Whilst studying for his MA in Textile Design at UAL (Chelsea College of Arts), Alan’s research led him to understand that inherently present within all traditionally produced textiles is an identity of place, which relates to both locality and the sense of individual and communal identity gained through the practice of traditional textile crafts. These ideas remain the central themes of his work. Many of his pieces reference his own locality in London, not just through the use of natural dyes made from materials that he forages for locally, but, also, by placing them in a historical and cultural context, as well being informed by his own personal experience and sense of identity as a weaver.

Alan’s practice is guided by his environment and as such sustainability is one of its key concerns. All of the fibres he uses are natural and come from reputable and accredited sources where possible, and he makes his dyes and mordants from safe, natural and sustainable materials.

Alan’s work has been displayed at the Barbican and in group exhibitions at the Joanna Bird Gallery in London and the Ruthin Craft Centre 


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