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Abigail Brown

the silver is a canvas

Silversmith Abigail Brown specialises in ancient hammer forming methods that have been in use for millennia; such as raising, sinking and chasing, to create beautiful one-off art objects and functional silverware. She uses these traditional techniques as a tool to create the idea: the silver is a canvas, the tools are paintbrushes, and the techniques are the paint through which she expresses herself in three-dimensional art.

Abigail’s love for the material is intrinsic to the outcome of the ideas, as such it is important to her that the pieces she creates are objects of beauty, to inspire the mind and feed the spirit. Her current works connect through a process of observation and intuitive making. Abigail is involved and inspired by her environment and experiences, and she works instinctively to create beautiful objects and images. The work is a direct result of her deeply rooted relationship with the land and is a celebration of form, material and elemental creativity.

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