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what our members say

what our members say

what our members say

what our members say

what our members say


Angela Fung of Fung + Bedford

DN has been so supportive this year (2020). It’s made such a difference.

Ann Povey

Being a member of Design-Nation is like being part of a huge family. It means we are supported and guided by the DN team and importantly by the other members. To get the most from your membership you need to put in as much as you take out, it’s well worth it!

Anne Haworth 

It feels good to be part of such a diverse and creative community.  With its national network, Design-Nation presents a unique portfolio of new and established artists, designers and makers. It has supported me in my ceramic work and offers great opportunities for all its members whether that is to take part in major shows or to network with other creative people.

Antony Dain (moved up from Graduate Membership in summer 2020)

The team at Design-Nation have been so supportive, especially during these challenging times. They have been in near constant contact recently about all the opportunities and schemes available to us as makers. Also having such a large and active network of other members helps you to remember you are not going through this alone!

Caroline Egleston (Piccolpasso)
I’m really enjoying being part of Design-Nation.  A buzzy, communicative network of support for designer-makers.

Ella Fearon-Low

I love being a member of Design Nation. I have been hugely impressed by how much is going on and what a connected and supportive community DN is. The staff team are fantastic and I really appreciate the extra mile that seems to go into everything. I am loving my local hub group although I can’t always make the meetings and I thoroughly enjoyed my recent DN debut with Collect.

Fiona J Sperryn

A big thank you to Design-Nation for making me feel so included right from the start.  Having just been selected, I already feel connected with like-minded creatives, especially through the buddy scheme. I feel supported too – the team are really working so hard to help the ‘DN family’ right now.

Hannah White

I really don’t know what I would have done without Design Nation this year – you have all been amazing! I am excited about continuing to work with Design Nation and its members and I am looking forward to future projects.

Inner Finn (Julie Fewster)

I can thoroughly recommend Design-Nation membership. It is great to be part of a professional body of makers and it has been such a fabulous supportive community during lockdown.

Jan Scott

As part of Design Factory/Design-Nation I feel I have been able to grow creatively; being with like-minded friendly people makes a huge difference.  Exhibiting on a group stand at various shows has brought me exposure to new markets. I would never have attempted these shows on my own, I felt safe being part of a group.  I have been supported and nurtured and now have the confidence to take an individual stand.  Membership is now growing in my area and lots more opportunities are awaiting us for connections on a local level, I love being part of Design-Nation.

Joanna Terry

As a recent graduate member I can’t thank Hayley at DN enough for all her uplifting emails and constant effort to keep everyone going through this very strange time.

Josie Walter

Being part of Design-Nation keeps me really in touch with the activities of local and national makers. It is a supportive and stimulating community which encourages me to participate in a whole range of creative and commercial events in the UK and abroad.

Julie Vernon

2020 is my 10th year as a Design Factory / Design-Nation member. I appreciate my membership just as much now, as at the beginning of my journey. Working as an individual maker can be isolating.  I value the community and communication with like-minded people.  The organisation continues to provide information, opportunities and encouragement – even in these difficult times. Thanks for everything you are doing to keep us motivated.

Justine Allison

I felt incredibly connected to the craft and design community. I haven’t managed to join many DN zooms that have been organised but I feel that there is so much support and in an unexpected way feel closer to it all even living in the wilds of west Wales! I definitely feel part of it.

Kira Phoenix K’inan

I have had the opportunity to be a part of Design-Nation for just over a year. In this time I have exhibited with them at Top Drawer, with more shows on the horizon. Most recently Design-Nation have been supporting all their designers through the current climate by making sure all our voices are heard when it comes to different funding bodies, created a buddy system and have been promoting all their designers across their social media platforms. The team at Design-Nation are extremely supportive of all their members and I am really proud to be one of them.

Laura Thomas

I’ve been a member of DN since summer 2019, and have been greatly impressed with all my dealings with them to date. From the welcome meeting with Hayley Banks the membership manager, to the regular email updates and marketing opportunities, I’ve felt supported and valued. In the absence of London Craft Week happening as planned in April 20,20 DN have been proactively looking at other ways of supporting members during this difficult time. As a result I’ve been able to take part in some valuable online training to support the development of my business. I wholeheartedly recommend DN membership to anyone looking to grow their design business with the support of a committed, enthusiastic and knowledgeable organisation.

Linda Bloomfield

I really value being a member of Design-Nation. The connections and exhibition opportunities it has made possible have been fantastic. I found the Design Trust’s course on making an online workshop really useful during this time where all my physical workshops have been cancelled.

Lucy Spink

A huge thank you for all the work you put in. I am a member of a few groups and none of them work as hard or supply as much content for their members as Design-Nation and it is very gratefully received.

Melissa Montague

I value being a member of Design-Nation because I feel part of a community of makers from all across the country, many of whom I have admired for a long time. I was feeling a little disconnected from everything recently and the buddy scheme that the team set up has really helped. The team is always working behind the scenes with some extremely valuable partners to really support makers and bring us the best opportunities to suit us. It is up to me to then seize those opportunities.

Pasqualina Iarrobino

Another great CPD session this week, thank you. It really does help.

Philip Koomen

I joined Design-Nation to help reposition my creative practice and be part of an intergenerational community. D-N has more than lived up to my hopes.

Ruth Lyne

Makers sometimes ask me what Design-Nation will do for them but I don’t think it’s really about that. For me it’s about being part of a community where we can all do something for each other. As with most things, the more you put in the more you get out.

Suzanne Seed (moved up from Graduate membership in summer 2020)

It reminds me of how much can be achieved with the right people; DN is such a small team yet you achieve a colossal amount.


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