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Membership Types

Membership Types

Membership Types

Membership Types

There are several categories of Design-Nation Membership, to meet the needs of creatives at different stages of their careers and to reflect their growing relationships with Design-Nation. The first three categories are open to all qualifying applicants. Application is by email using the downloadable packs on this page. For more information about benefits visit our main Membership page.

Full Members of our network are designers and makers who are already trading. Applications are independently selected by an changing panel of Design-Nation expert eyes, brand ambassadors, and Fellow members. Membership costs just £120 a year plus VAT.

Membership Information pack 2020-21

Graduate Members apply for the same deadlines, but are not formally reviewed by our panel. This category is open to recent graduates of BA and MA courses, and costs £40 a year plus VAT.

Graduate Information pack 2020-21

Associate Members is new in 2021 and replaces our old Friends scheme. Associate membership is designed for individuals who are not recent gradates and do not qualify for or require Full Membership (such as aspiring designer-makers who are not yet trading) but want to develop their knowledge and skills and are not recent Graduates. As for Graduate members, applicants apply to the same deadlines as full members, but applications are not subject to formal review by our panel. This category also costs £40 a year plus VAT.

Associate Information Pack 2021-22

The selection panel meet four times a year: deadlines for application are the first days of February, May, August and November.

Other types of membership include Fellows membership which recognises those established makers and designers who have made significant contributions to the sector. Fellowship is awarded at our discretion from time to time and cannot be applied for.

We give selective Membership Awards each year through our partnerships with New Designers and retail fair organisers such as Tutton & Young who run the Made events. In 2021 gave awards associated with the Making It project at Devon Guild of Craftsmen, and Green Grads at Planted.

Corporate Friends: this schemes is in development, please contact us for more information.


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