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Meet Sue Pryke

Many people know me as a designer who works with high volume manufacturers and retailers like Ikea, John Lewis and M&S but actually I started my career as a thrower in rural Lincolnshire.  My daily chore was to wedge clay, sometimes digging and processing local clay, weighing out 5 ounce balls for making mugs and 8 ounce balls of clay for bowls, and then throw them on the wheel all to the same height and thickness.  There’s a very satisfying repetitive method in production throwing that I enjoyed immensely.

Eventually I went on to a Degree Course and was so inspired by the materials, processes and tutors that the course proved to be fascinating, inspirational and life changing!  On graduating my first job was at Wedgwood as a shape designer, such a contrast from the pottery in Lincolnshire.   Although my work varies now from small scale production where I make all the models and sometimes moulds, to huge volume production with Ikea where I work as a designer, essentially my role and outlook hasn’t changed.

I’m still inspired by the making process and the craftsmanship and skill which I’ve worked with and observed from the studio potter to the adept modellers in the Wedgwood factory.   I’m very much involved in trends, best sellers, influenced by crafts, design, and people, colour, pattern and form.  And with production in UK factories, where currently I’m developing my own tabletop collection in ceramic, wood and metal.  I love the varied character of studios, the smell of factories and the intricate nature of the making and designing processes and I’m looking forward to sharing some of those insights with you over the coming months.

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