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Decorex 2019: Hero of Design Emma-Jane Rule

In the run up to Decorex 2019 we caught up with silversmith Emma-Jane Rule and asked her a few questions related to her work and the themes we are exploring on our stand, around coming of age and design heroes. Emma-Jane will be presenting not only her trademark foldformed objects, but also some new and spectacular light fittings.

We asked Emma-Jane: what does “coming of age” mean to her in a design/craft context?

‘After four years establishing my design portfolio, by refining my designs and increasing my knowledge and technical skill set, I feel that my business is finally ‘coming of age’. I strive to create high quality and interesting product, and I am increasingly self-assured that I am on the right path, to finally see the financial return on my time and effort, to allow me to work full-time as a Silversmith, Metal smith and Jeweller’.

Design-Nation: what do you consider to be heroic qualities?

Emma-Jane Rule: ‘Perseverance, determination and a positive mental attitude are essential to business and personal development, I would chose those qualities as they are constantly relevant to myself’.

DN:  Do you have any design heroes? If so, who and why?

EJR: ‘I admire many silversmiths  and designers in metals, from history through to contemporary makers, but I also appreciate creators in other materials such as ceramic or textiles. My heroes would be the skill and technique used to create; I never fail to be impressed by what can be achieved when hands and heart are engaged’.

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